Coming alongside in a Powerboat

Here a student on today's RYA level2 powerboat course comes nicely alongside a jetty in Tauranga Harbour. The key things are to approach into the wind/ tide at an angle of 45 degrees. This way you can aim nicely and use the elements as a natural brake. To finish goto the opposite steering lock and use a few moments of reverse to stop the boat as well as pull the back in the last little bit. The result is a slick tidy coming along side which makes it easy for driver or crew to tie the boat up. If you want to learn how to go boating with confidence, no shouting or frayed tempers, zero damage and maximum full efficiency then give us a call and enjoy a course with us in Tauranga, Auckland or your backyard. We can also make it easy to do your VHF certificate so that if the worst happens you can use the radio to best effect and get the help you need.