Red Air Paddleboards


Red Air High inflatable Paddleboards solve all the Storage, Transport and Safety problems ofsolid boards and pack away so small that you can take them wherever you go, Plane, Boat, Bach or Car!

And they are a whole lot cheaper than solid boards, more durable, more versatile and kinder on the body.

All Red Air boards come with a carrying bag (with rucksack straps), a repair kit (not that you'll need it but better safe than sorry), and a very powerful especially-designed hi-tech pump fitted with a pressure gauge so you know when you’ve got enough air inside. It only takes 3-4 minutes to fully inflate the board with this pump - awesome! Or you can choose to inflate them with the 12v compressor.

Check out our range of Paddleboards below or call us for a Demo today on 0800 486 729.

Surf Star 9'2" & 30" Wide  

Introducing the Surf Star - with a great new shape & RSS (Rocker Stiffening System), the most radical inflatable SUP ever created!  Surf It, Kitesurf It or Skurf It.

Allwater  9'6" & 32" Wide  

With 100% versatility thsi is th eultimate all-terrain board.

Allrounder  10' & 30" Wide  

The best all round board for the smaller/lighter rider or extra Surfing performance

10'6"    10'6" & 32" Wide  

The worlds best selling inflatable.  Fabulous all round performance.

Mega    10'8" & 36" Wide   $1499   Order Now

This is the most stable & easy to use inflatable.

Explorer  12'6" & 32" Wide  

This is the Ultimate SUP Cruiser.  High Volum, High Stability, High Performance, High Potential!

Race  12'6" & 30" Wide  

A Full blooded RSS asssisted speed machine - People wotn believe your riding an inflatable 

 Twilight Paddleboarding

Twilight Paddleboarding

Paddle Options

Having the right paddle makes all the difference. But - while it's great to have a super-light state-of-the-art carbon blade in your hands - you don't need to break the bank to get a good functional paddle.  We have a superlative range of paddles that can suit any pocket, made to our own specification by a well-established US paddle manufacturer.

Fixed Length Paddle   GRP Shaft

Light & Strong paddle which can be cut to the exact length if required

MAX Adjustable Length Paddle

Offering a 20cm range of lengths, this paddle is the ideal option if your paddleboard is likely to be used by several people of different heights.  Available in 3 different sizes.

MAX Carbon Adjustable Paddle

The Max Carbon is an upgraded lighter version of teh best selling MAX adjustable paddle.  For just $80 more you get significant weight saving yet still have the high durability and functionality factors.

Tahoe Adjustable Length Paddle

A classy carbon adjustable paddle with a foam filled blade -stylish and effortless to use.

MAX 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle

If storage is a premium or travelling with your paddle is high priority then the superb 3 piece MAX fiberglass SUP paddle is the ideal solution. Adjustable over a 20cm range of lengths.

MAX CARBON 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle

The MAX CARBON 3-piece is an upgraded, lighter version of the best-selling MAX 3-piece paddle. For just $80 more you get significant weight savings yet still with that high durability and functionality factor.

Tahoe 2 Piece Adjustable Paddle

The ultimate travel paddle! 3 piece carbon paddle with tough foam-filled blade.

Cederay Paddles

Looking for something a little different? These wonderful hand-crafted wooden paddles, from a top northland craftsman, are a joy to use...

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